Online Cricket Betting: The Only Guide You Need to Read

There are plenty of popular sports out there, but there are few that are as popular as cricket. In fact, cricket can claim to be the second most popular sport in the world, after football, of course. Cricket is especially loved in countries that used to be a region of the British Empire, none more so than in India, where to say cricket is a religion is not an overstatement. Not only do millions of people around the world love to play and watch this sport, but there are millions that enjoy betting on it too, just like they enjoy playing casino games. In the following detailed guide, you will find out all you should know about online cricket betting. We do recommend that you pay close attention to this cricket betting advice.

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Cricket Online Betting - The Various Markets You Can Put Your Money on

As we said, there are a lot of people across the world that love to do some (online cricket betting), but what exactly is it that makes cricket such a popular sport for gamblers to bet on? Well, to being with, the fact that there are a lot of cricket betting markets will definitely have something to do with it. If you were to sit down and count the number of different markets that your average cricket bookies have, you will see that only sport that comes close in terms of number of markets is football. We all love it when there is variety in our lives as this is what keeps things interesting, and you will find plenty of variety when you are online cricket betting.

Below we shall have a look at the main markets you will encounter when you are cricket betting, and you will be able to find these markets at all of the best cricket bookies.

Match Bet

This is one of the easiest cricket bets that you will come across in the cricket betting world since all you are required to do is try and guess which team will win a game that is being played. When you are taking part in some cricket betting for Test cricket, you will usually be given the option of betting on a draw. However, when it comes to match betting on the two other formats, ODI and T20, you will not usually be able to bet on the draw since cricket bookies do not offer cricket satta for such a market because draws are rare in these two formats.

Series Winner

International cricket teams are lucky because they get to travel all over the world to play cricket in some wonderful countries, but it would not make any sense at all if, for example, England flew all the way to Australia, played one game of cricket and flew home again. Thus, international teams will usually play anywhere between two to five matches in the different formats, and this is called a series. Cricket bookies that are serious about their profession will allow their customers to place cricket bets on the series outcome.

Match Score

Other cricket bets that customers can place when doing some online cricket betting are what we call match score bets. With such cricket bets, you are tasked with trying to predict the number of runs that a team will go ahead and score in a game. The bookmaker that you have signed up with will provide you with a number such as 325.5 and then you need to decide whether your chosen team will hit 325 runs or fewer (under) or 326 runs or more (over).

Top Batsman

With top batsman cricket bets, what you need to do is try and predict the batsman from a team that will score the most runs. When it comes down to online cricket betting, this is a difficult wager to get right since even a small error by your selected batsman can see them taking an early bath. However, the difficulty level of this type of bet is reflected in the cricket satta, so if you do manage to guess correctly, you will usually land a very decent profit.

Top Bowler

Since you now know what a top batsman cricket wager entails, you should be able to figure out what you have to do with top bowler cricket bets. With this online cricket betting market, you just have to select a bowler from a team that you think will perform the best and collect the most wickets in the match. Like the top batsman bet, this is not an easy wager to get correct, so bookies will always offer high cricket satta for this market.

Player of the Match

When you bet on cricket, you have the option of trying to predict the player from the 22 that take to the field that will go on to win the Player of the Match award. With this type of cricket wager, you just choose one player that will be taking part in the game and if they put in the best performance and are given the Player of the Match award, your bet will be won. Since there are 22 different players that can win the award, the cricket satta on offer at your betting site will be even higher than those for the top bowler and top batsman bets. If you can get this type of wager correct, you will always walk away with a tidy profit.

Dismissal Method

When you bet on cricket, you will also have the chance to put your money on the way that the next batsman to get out will be dismissed. In cricket, a batsman can be sent back to the changing room via a number of ways and these are - caught, bowled, LBW, run-out, stumped, and hit wicket. The odds that your betting site will offer you will depend on the dismissal method that you select. For instance, getting caught is the most frequent dismissal mode, so the cricket bet rate will usually be quite low. On the other hand, the cricket bet rate for hit wicket will always be high because this only happens once in a blue moon.

The Best Bookmakers for Online Cricket Betting

Cricket gamblers around the world place combined bets of billions of dollars each year when online cricket betting. If you are sitting there thinking to yourself that Indians spend the most when cricket betting, you are right to do so because it has been estimated that they spend around $400 million via online cricket betting whenever India play.

Below we are going to give you a betting site list of the best bookies around at the moment for those who want to bet on cricket, but before we go ahead and do this, we are going to provide you with some other helpful information that we think will certainly be useful when you are looking for a betting site to sign up with so you can do a spot of IPL betting online or place a bet on any other cricket event.

Reputation is vital: When you come across a betting site that you feel is exactly what you have been searching for and you feel that it is the best betting site for you, we suggest that you read some reviews before you go ahead and sign up as they will give you a good idea as to what your fellow sports betting punters think about the website. If you see nothing but negativity, you would be doing yourself a favour by searching elsewhere. When there are so many great bookies around, you do not have to settle for second best.

Odds are key: Odds will vary from one bookie to another, whether you bet on cricket or another sport, so it is important that you check out a number of comparison websites before you make your final decision. Any good gambler will make sure that they sign up with a sportsbook that offers the best odds around as this is how you make sure that you get the best bang for your money.

Bonuses will always differ: Sportsbooks have to offer attractive bonuses if they want to entice new players to open an account with them. Many novice bettors believe that bonuses are the same, but this is a huge misconception - you will come across really good bonuses, average bonuses, poor bonuses, and really bad ones. Thus, it is important that you do your research before you register with a bookie. You do not want to open an account with a sports betting website and then come across one that is offering better free bets than the bookie you signed up with.

Quality customer support is important: If a bookie offers poor customer support, then you should steer well clear of them and spend your money at another bookie. If you sign up with a gambling site that offers poor customer care, you will come to regret it sooner rather than later when your first major problem crops up. You really should only sign up with a bookie that offers a 24/7 live chat option. If you want to see whether a bookie offers good customer care, just send them a mock problem and wait to see how they respond to your query.

Now that we have given you some great online cricket betting tips as to what to look out for when you are looking for a bookie to register with, we shall now give you that best betting site list that we promised earlier.

  • Royal Panda
  • Dafabet
  • LeoVegas
  • Bodog
  • 888sport
  • Betway
  • Bet365
  • Spin Sports
  • 10Cric
  • 22Bet

We are obviously not forcing anyone to sign up with these bookmakers, but should you decide to heed our advice and open an account with one, you will not come to regret it. All these bookies offer great free bets, plenty of markets, and have very competitive cricket odds. They are also great for some IPL betting online, if that happens to be your cup of tea. You can rest assured that we are not the only ones who will add these bookies to a list of the best bookies around at the moment.

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Live Cricket Betting

When sports betting sites entered the world of the Internet in the 90s, it was great for sports betting fans as it meant that we could now place bets on our favourite sports without even having to leave home. However, to start with, live cricket betting was not an option. Thus, because of this lack of cricket live betting, if you did not make your wager before the team that bowled first bowled the first ball, you could not make any bets at all. However, technology has come a really long way since the 90s, and now you will be able to do some live cricket betting at the majority of sportsbooks.

We are sure that you will want to do a spot of live cricket betting at some point, so before you dive in and sign up with a bookie, you should have a look at the type of cricket live betting platform that they have. If you do not like the look of their cricket live betting arena, then simply just look elsewhere. The bookmakers that made out list above all have very good cricket live betting platforms, so you can place live cricket wagers whenever you like. You will be happy to hear that you can use any free bets you get on live bets.

How to Bet on Cricket

A common phrase that novice cricket bettors regularly type into Google is "how to bet on cricket". If you are a novice cricket bettor yourself, then you should read this next part extra carefully as we are going to take the time to outline the cricket betting process. If you consider yourself to be knowledgeable in this area already, then please feel free to jump to the next section of this article.

  1. Enter your sportsbook and check the funds that you have available in your bookmaker account
  2. If you do not have the necessary funds for the bets you plan to make, then deposit some money via one of the different banking options you have available
  3. Go to the cricket betting page and take a look at the different matches and markets that are available
  4. Once you have found something that you would like to bet on, click it, and it will automatically be added to a betting slip, that will usually pop up on the bottom right of your screen
  5. Decide how much you want to stake and add it to your betting slip
  6. When you are happy with your choices, click the submit button

Quality Cricket Betting Apps

Nowadays, sports bettors like to have the option of being able to make bets wherever they happen to be, and bookies are well aware of this. Therefore, any bookie that is serious about their profession will offer their players the option of downloading an app so that they can experience a better gambling session. There are plenty of cricket betting apps out there that you can download, but they are not all created equally.

We are now going to give you three cricket betting apps that we believe are the best around at the moment. We are pretty sure that there are plenty of others out there who have been as impressed with these cricket betting apps as we have.

22Bet App

22Bet are fully aware that most of their customers want the option of placing cricket wages wherever they happen to be, which is one of the main reasons why they put in plenty of effort to develop an app that many believe to be one of the best around at this moment in time.

We downloaded the app ourselves so that we could get a closer look and see if it truly lived up to the hype, and we were pleased by what we encountered. No cricket bettor wants to download a cricket app that is really hard to navigate and is painful on the eyes to look at, but this is not the case when it comes to 22Bet's app. If you have an account with this bookmaker, we really do recommend that you take the time to download their app.

Betway App

Betway has been one of the biggest bookies in the gambling world for the last decade or so, and they are definitely aware that many of their players want the option of betting wherever they happen to be. Therefore, just like 22Bet, they spent plenty of money and time to develop a really good app that iOS and Android users can download. We downloaded their app to try it out for ourselves, and we found absolutely nothing to fault it for. The app has a really good layout which makes navigation very simple, while it has a pleasant interface.

10Cric App

10Cric happens to be a bookie that any cricket gambler should be happy to register with, and they have also created their own mobile app that their players can download to bet on cricket whenever they like and wherever they are. Like we did with the two apps above, we downloaded the 10Cric app to test it out ourselves, and we loved all of it. It comes with a very good interface and is simple to navigate, which is a must when it comes to betting apps.

Best Cricket Betting Tips

We are going to finish off this article by giving you some very handy online cricket betting tips that you should pay close attention to. You would be foolish to ignore the tips that we are going to give you completely free of charge.

Never Change Your Stake Size

If you want to be a successful cricket bettor, then there is something that you have to be very good at and this is managing your finances. Those who are new to cricket betting often make the mistake of altering their wager when they have hit a good patch. For example, many novice cricket gamblers will double their stake when they hit a good run. However, your winning run will eventually end, which means that if you double your wager and you end up losing, you can lose a lot of the profit that you worked hard to get. Whenever you are betting on cricket, or any sport, you need to give yourself a bankroll and not bet more than 5% of it for every wager you make.

Getting Carried Away Can be Costly

If a cricket team has been on a winning streak, there are plenty of novice bettors that will be more than happy to put their money on them just because they have been winning a lot. However, believe us when we tell you that this is not a good strategy because a team that has been on a goo streak will have odds that are lower than they should be as bookies know that novices will still bet on them. You have to keep in mind that a cricket team's winning streak will not last forever, so putting money on a side just because they have won five games in a row is not a good strategy. You have to do your own research and find the true value of a team being victorious in their next match. For some great stats and latest news, we recommend that you visit Cricbuzz.

Forget the Bad Choices You Make

We like to bet ourselves, so we know the feeling when we lose a bet with our own money or even free bets. However, when you lose a bet, you will not be doing yourself any favours if you dwell on it. That money is gone, and you can moan until you are blue in the face, but it is never coming back. Even experienced bettors make costly errors occasionally, so it is perfectly fine if you do too. If you make a costly mistake. forget about it by occupying your mind with something else. You should only start betting again when you have completely let it go.

These are just a handful of betting tips that can prove to be very useful. If you want to find out more, then we suggest that you visit as this is a website that has a lot of other great info available.

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